48th Ward Update: December 16, 2020

48th Ward UpdateView this email in your browserDecember 16, 2020Dear Neighbor,

Today the City Council passed the Additional Dwelling Unit (ADU) Ordinance with a 48-2 vote. The ADU ordinance will allow for the establishment of new residential units in coach houses, basements, and attics within the existing neighborhood fabric of five pilot areas across the City. Some of these residential units will be mandated to be affordable, and all of them will increase the needed supply of housing in Chicago.   
Passage of this ordinance comes after collaborative work in recent years by housing advocates, elected leaders and organizations like AARP and the Urban Land Institute. I have been working on this issue since 2017, in response to housing and rental unit loss facing East Andersonville and other parts of the 48th Ward. A program like this can help tackle the realities of naturally moderate and affordable units being removed by condo development or building demolition. Additionally, during community conversations and meetings throughout 2018 in our ward, many local property owners shared uncertainty over the ability to age in place or hold onto their properties with rising property taxes and costs.
With the revitalization of the Chicago Department of Housing in 2019, the exploration of ADUs in Chicago was spearheaded by Commissioner Marisa Novara. I want to thank the Commissioner, Director of Policy Daniel Hertz, and their entire team for moving this program forward for our city.  
In addition to creating naturally-occurring moderate and affordable housing, the ADU pilot will include several affordability provisions. Buildings of six or more units that add two or more ADUs will be required to restrict half of those new units as affordable at 60% of Area Median Income (AMI). In addition, DOH has worked with the Chicago Low Income Housing Trust Fund to secure subsidies that can be placed in ADUs to support tenants making 30% of AMI or below. Finally, a new grant program will provide financial assistance to low- and moderate-income homeowners to bring ADUs into code compliance, as well as provide additional funds if the work creates an accessible ADU.
The substitute ordinance is available on the Department of Housing’s website, or by clicking here.Click here to view an informative presentation about the ADU ordinance from DOH. Contact my office at Harry@48thward.org or 773-784-5277 if you have questions about the ADU pilot program.

Also at City Council today, two important ordinances passed that will provide continued support to our City’s small business community:Extension of Small Business Regulatory Relief
This ordinance extends critical regulatory relief for businesses, including extending business licenses and sidewalk cafe permits, and extending the Expanded Outdoor Dining program through the end of 2021. SBIF (Small Business Improvement Fund) program changesIncreased funding amount per business, from a maximum of $100,000 to $150,000 for commercial tenantsIncreased percentage of project funding, from a maximum of 75% to 90% of project costsIncreased eligibility requirementsAddition of an escrow funding option, instead of only a reimbursementDesign/build costs are eligible for SBIF funding, with a list of vetted vendors provided by DPDA three-year funding plan for SBIFEach Wednesday my office highlights local businesses in Andersonville, Edgewater, and Uptown. Please make the extra effort this holiday season to shift some purchases away from Amazon and Target and toward our locally own businesses. Check out the Andersonville Gift Guide, custom Andersonville gift boxes from Partisan, and the Edgewater Holiday Gift Guide for ideas.

And while our community enjoys supporting the Care For Real Toy Drive each holiday season, please note that this year it will work differently. Care for Real is seeking Target gift cards in $20 increments, and has partnered with Play Andersonville, 5311 N. Clark, on a board book drive. Click here for full details on how you can help ensure all of our youngest neighbors have a joyful holiday season.
 Fiya, 5419 N Clark Street, Photos of pita and sharshukaTo celebrate Hanukkah, order food from Fiya, the “soul food of the Levant.” Fiya is Andersonville’s sample of neighborhood spots in Israel. The food revolves around a wood-burning oven that churns out fresh pita and other healthy and tasty foods. The owners of Fiya honor the heritage of Levantine cuisines and welcome all to the restaurant. Customers can order their food online, but can also dine in a heated outdoor bubble in their back patio. Each bubble seats up to six people and is equipped with an electric heater and plenty of fresh air. Website | Facebook | InstagramIndie Cafe, 5951 N Broadway, photos of sushi rolls
Located in Edgewater and owned entirely by women, Indie Cafe has been called “Chicago’s best casual neighborhood sushi spot.” The food combines savory Thai and simple Japanese cuisines and is inspired by the owners’ passion for art. Try their signature Indie curry with lemongrass, coriander, and garlic, or a “Monte Carlo” maki prepared with seared tuna, spicy salmon, and tobiko (fish roe). Indie Cafe’s logo is an octopus, and each tentacle represents the diverse influences and techniques brought to their cooking. Indie Cafe is innovative, fun, and soon to be your new favorite restaurant. Order food from Indie Cafe online for takeout or delivery. Website | Facebook | InstagramKie Gol Lanee, 5004 N Sheridan RoadKie Gol Lanee offers authentic Oaxacan fare served up with love by the family who owns and operates the restaurant. Oaxaca is the home of mole and is known for banana leaf-wrapped tamales. Their menu also features a wide array of dishes made from fresh ingredients, such as Carne Asada Tacos, Pollo con Mole Rojo, and Guisado de Conejo. Like other restaurants, Kie Gol Lanee is closed for indoor dining, but is open for pickup or delivery. Next time you’re near Argyle and looking to try something new, consider ordering from Kie Gol Lanee! Your business matters. In addition to ordering food, consider donating to their GoFundMe to help Kie Gol Lanee stay open.Website | Facebook | Instagram 
Stay safe and shop local!


Harry Osterman
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