Art Organizations

Art is in the DNA of our neighborhood, whether in the schools, homes, storefronts, and the theaters. I hope you take time throughout the year to take advantage of the diverse range of talent our community offers.  To be included on this page, please use the Contact Us page to send your information.

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Edgewater Artists in Motion

Since 2009, art work has been displayed around the 48th ward in vacant storefronts awaiting businesses to move into the neighborhood.  The range of artwork gave rise to the annual Edgewater Fall Art Fair that occurs over the last weekend of September.  Through the vision and dedicated work of Rae Ann Cecrle, long time resident and business owner in Edgewater, Edgewater Artists in Motion  has become an example of community art organization in our city.

6018 North

Founded in May 2011, 6018North is an artist-centered, sustainable, nonprofit platform and venue for innovative art and culture. Located in a dilapidated mansion, at 6018 North Kenmore in Chicago’s Edgewater neighborhood, 6018 North encourages artists to collaborate and reconfigure its intimate space. This intimacy allows artists and audiences to connect in transformative ways. At home and away in other non-traditional spaces, 6018North’s site-specific exhibitions and events include artists performing, creating installations, and directing communal engagement events.

Pivot Arts

Pivot Arts began as a “Fable Festival” of live music, puppetry, new plays and performances in unique spaces throughout the 48th Ward in May of 2012.  In September 2012, Pivot Arts was formed as a pivot point, or central hub, that could connect innovative arts activity in these neighborhoods.  Each year in early June, Pivot Arts presents a Festival of exhibits, performances, and workshops celebrating innovative and at times, unusual multi-disciplinary work of artists from around the globe.

Edgewater Singers

The Edgewater Singers is a community choral ensemble whose mission derives from the roots of the word amateur, or lover. The members, all who live in or near the 48th Ward, sing together for the love of music, have stayed together for more than twenty-five years for the love of one another, and perform for the love of the Edgewater community.  Concert performances take place annually in the Spring and Winter under the direction of Philip Seward, who has worked internationally as a composer, pianist, vocalist and teacher.

Loyola University Department of Fine Arts

It’s not unusual for a university to offer a wide range of art and performance, and the 48th Ward is fortunate to have Loyola University as a vibrant participant in our community.  The academic programs of Loyola U. are complemented throughout the year by over 100 public presentations, performances, and exhibitions in the fields of dance, music, theater, and fine art, all open to the community as well as the student population.

Senn Arts

Senn Arts is a Fine and Performing Arts Magnet Program at Nicholas Senn High School where creative Chicago students pursue artistic and academic excellence.  Students in the Fine Arts program are chosen through a rigorous audition process, and participate in exhibits and performances throughout the school year.


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