Information For Businesses


Are you looking to start a business in the 48th Ward?  If so, please check out the information below. As Alderman, I hope to further enhance the economic development in our ward, and my staff and I will work with you to help you navigate the process of opening a business in our great city.

Here are some other helpful links for business owners:

48th Ward Open for Business  (a business marketing brochure)

48th Ward Summary of Zoning and Planning Approvals Process  (use this if your business or development requires a significant change to the zoning or use of a site, you will be asked to go through the 48th Ward Community Process for approvals)

48thWard Community Process for Zoning and Planning Approvals

Building and Construction Permits

A building permit is required to ensure that construction projects conform to the minimum standards of the Chicago Building Code. The permit gives you, your insurance company, neighbors and the City assurance that specific minimum standards are met in constructing, repairing or altering your home or building by complying with the Chicago Building Code.

  • Easy Permits. An Easy Permit Process is a streamlined process for small simple home and building improvement projects. It allows home and building owners to obtain a permit to REPAIR or REPLACE THE SAME OR EXISTING features of a building with requiring architectural plans. Click here  for detailed information about permits, when they’re required, and whether or not the Easy Permit Process can work for you.

 Sidewalk Café Permits

The City’s Department of Business Affairs and Consumer Protection (BACP) will issue permits to businesses for installation of outdoor cafes on public sidewalks. To obtain an application for a sidewalk café permit, call the BACP office at 312-744-6249.  Sidewalk café permits require the Alderman’s signature prior to submission to the BACP office.