November 21, 2016 – Argyle and Thorndale Area Operations

In the last few weeks we have seen a number of incidents involving gun violence, gangs and narcotics in the area south of Lawrence and around Thorndale. The Chicago Police Department’s Bureau of Organized Crime, Narcotics Division, along with 20th District Tactical Officers, recently conducted a Narcotics Takedown Mission in the 20th District. This mission is the second phase of the 20th District’s strategic plan to address ongoing gang and narcotics activity in the Uptown, Margate Park, and Edgewater communities; and in direct response to citizen complaints, information gathered at beat meetings, and input from my office.

The results of this mission, as of November 19, 2016, yielded the arrests of 23 individuals for felony narcotics sales to undercover officers along with vehicles, drug money and narcotics seized.

Please join your neighbors, officers of the 20th District, and my office in a show of community involvement for five days of activities in support of this continued effort. Please click here for more information on events hosted by the 20th Police district this week.

Tuesday 11/22 1-2pm Positive Loitering at Weiss Plaza (4810 N. Sheridan) and Hickory Playlot (4834 N. Winthrop)
Tuesday 11/22 4–5pm Positive Loitering at Broadway and Argyle and Buttercup Playlot (4901 N. Sheridan)
Wednesday 11/23 Noon–1pm CAPS Appreciation Day Hot Dog giveaway, at Argyle and Winthrop
Wednesday 11/23 5-6pm Positive Loitering and Peace March at Argyle and Winthrop

I want to thank all of the police officers involved in this mission and the residents who have contacted the police or my office about alleged narcotics sales.

We will be updating residents on these arrests with dates for court advocacy. Advocates are needed to send a clear signal that these types of behaviors will not be tolerated in our community. Please contact Marko Zaric in my office for more information on advocacy and court proceedings. He can be reached at or 773-784-5277