Know Your Beat!


ALERT: 20th District Beat meetings are all being held in the 20th District Community Room, 5400 N Lincoln Ave. Please wear your face masks and we will maintain social distancing. Any changes to the beat meetings will be posted here. 

The term “Beat” is used to describe the territory and time that a police officer patrols. Beat policing utilizes a close relationship with its community members in efforts to create a safer community.

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All 20th District Beat meetings start at 7 pm

24th District Beat 2433 starts at 7 pm

Beat 2013

3rd Wednesday of every even month (Feb, Apr, etc)

Beat 2022 & Beat 2023

This year 20th district has consolidated BEAT 2022 and BEAT 2023 meeting to the second Thursday of every odd month. They will both take place simultaneously.

2nd Thursday of every odd month (Jan, March, etc)

Beat 2024

3rd Thursday of even months (Feb, Apr, etc)

Beat 2433

3rd Tuesday of every month

Chicago Fire Department Engine 70/59, 6060 N. Clark St.