“Goliath” and “The Returning” – Two plays presented by Akavit Theatre at Rivendell

8:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Rivendell Theatre

About the Event:

Family Drama

Two one-act plays presented in partnership with the International Voices Project, include the U.S. premiere of GOLIATH by Maria Tryti Vennerød, translated by May-Brit Akerholt  and THE RETURNING by Fredrik Brattberg, translated by Henning Hegland.

GOLIATH retells the classic biblical story as an epic family drama: Goliath, the dominant older brother who, once in his childhood, was outshone by his clever, heroic little brother David. Ever since, Goliath has had to live with the myth of the events, the legend of his brother, the shame of his loss and their mother’s favoring of David. Time has come for revenge.

In THE RETURNING, we meet a mother and a father grieving the loss of their son, Gustav, whom they assume to be dead. The funeral is breathtaking, where they have filled the coffin with things reminding them of Gustav. After some time goes by, they return to their daily lives. The parents manage to go on with their life. But then one day there is a knock on the door, upsetting all of their newfound peace…

Both plays examine tragedy and history through the lens of family dynamics, exploring the importance of understanding the narrative of our times as both epic and personal.

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