Thirteen Days – Presented by City-Lit Theatre

7:30 pm - 9:30 pm

City-Lit Theatre

About the Event:


Thirteen Days

by Robert F. Kennedy

A world premiere adaptation of Robert F. Kennedy’s his memoir of the Cuban Missile Crisis.  On October 16, 1962, long-range Soviet missiles carrying nuclear warheads aimed at the United States were discovered in Cuba.  For the next thirteen days, President John Kennedy maneuvered his way through conflicting counsel from his advisors, some of whom urged a military response likely to bring on World War III, ambiguous and sometimes deceitful information from the Soviet Union’s representatives, and ever-shifting facts on the ground.  City Lit has received permission from the Kennedy family to insert as dialogue into our script excerpts from recently-made-public transcripts of JFK’s strategy sessions during the climax of the Cold War, the thirteen days the world came its closest to nuclear war.

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