Garage/Yard Sales and Block Parties

Garage Sales and Yard Sales

Permits are required for any individual or family to sell merchandise, old or new, outdoors. The permits are needed to make the City aware of the sale should there be any related inquiry. Permits can be obtained through the Alderman’s office at no cost and require a form of application.

  • Form – Click here for a permit application to hold a garage or yard sale. Once completed, bring it to the Alderman’s office along with proof of address (example:  drivers license or utility bill) for confirmation and a permit number. It will be returned to you, and a copy will remain in the Alderman’s office.

Block Party Permit Requests

Block Parties typically occupy all or part of a block between two addresses (eg: Winthrop Avenue from 5300 North to 5360 North).   The City offers ancillary services for summer block parties in the form of a Fire Engine demonstration, and a Police Department Canine and/or Mounted appearance, and use of a Jumping Jack, also called a Bouncy House. All services need to requested specifically for the Block Party.

  • Click here for a block party permit application and ancillary service request forms
  • Click here to request a Jumping Jack.