Vehicle Parking in the 48th Ward

City vehicle stickers

All Chicago residents driving and/or parking a vehicle for which they are responsible in the City of Chicago are subject to the Chicago Wheel Tax and must purchase a Chicago City Vehicle Sticker. This includes Chicago residents that maintain their registration outside of the City of Chicago, but use the vehicle in the City. We want motorists to avoid costly tickets: Chicago City Vehicle Sticker must be purchased within 30 days of moving to the City to avoid late fees and fines. Click here for detailed information or to purchase a city vehicle sticker.

Vehicle Parking in the 48th Ward

Click here for information about parking in the City of Chicago.

Non-Commercial Trucks and Vans, Commercial Vehicles and Taxis

Commercial vehicles (those equipped with roof-top or rear construction materials, or displaying business logos or names) and taxi-cabs are not permitted to park on business or residential streets, and must park in either a parking lot or garage. Construction vehicles can display a temporary sign that will prevent issuance of a parking ticket according to current Chicago city parking policy.

Click here for a sample sign if you own a construction vehicle and need to park on a residential street.  Junk trucks and vehicles with unenclosed cargo beds that have been modified to increase capacity are not considered to be eligible to park on any residential street, and are subject to related fines for violation.

Effective on May 18, 2016, non-commercial trucks and vans owned by Chicago Residents will be able to park on residential streets without a permit as long as the vehicle is displaying a valid City Sticker.  Non-commercial trucks and vans that are owned by Non-Chicago residents that do not have a valid Chicago City Wheel Tax License may only park on business streets.

Residential Parking Zones

Chicago residents living within an established Residential Parking Zone may be eligible to include a Zone Number on their City Sticker, and/or purchase Chicago Residential Parking Daily Permits, which are guest passes that are valid for 24 hours upon the date and time of display. Click here to determine if your address lies on a street that is zoned for permit parking.  Direct any questions or concerns to the Alderman’s office by phone to 773-784-5277, or email Harry at