Block Clubs

Knowing your neighbors is important for many reasons, safety and security being two of them.  If you want to know what’s going on in your neighborhood or on the block, check in with your areas’ block club.


If you live in a 48th Ward condominium, townhome, or co-op property along Sheridan Road, your Association may be a member of ASCO – Association of Sheridan Road Condominium/Co-op Owners.  ASCO is well recognized by city, state, and federal elected officials as a significant constituency providing input on legislation affecting Association homeowners.  As an Edgewater Association, ASCO serves the community with seasonal planting and decoration along Sheridan Road, and other quality of life matters.

Block Clubs

Every street in the neighborhood is represented in one way or another by a block club.  You can scroll over the map below for information about your block club.  You can also contact our office at 773-784-5277 for assistance in reaching your block club representatives, or click here to send a message via email.

Argyle Magnolia Glenwood Block Club
President Roberta Stadler
1246 W. Argyle, 606040

Argyle Winmore Neighbors (AWN)
President Amy Crawford,
4805 N. Kenmore, 606040

Association of Sheridan Road Condominium/Cooperative Owners (ASCO)
5333 N. Sheridan, 60640

BARGE Neighbors Community Organization (Broadway-Ardomore-Ridge-Glenwood-Early)
President Jenny Forsman,
5828 N. Wayne, 60640

Bryn Mawr Task Force
5610 N. Kenmore, 60660

Carmen Winona Block Club
President Jim Troxel,
West Winona east of Sheridan, 60640

Castlewood Terrace Association
807 W. Castlewood, 60640

East Andersonville Resident Council (EARC)
President Robert Qualkinbush,,
1467 W. Gregory, 60640

Edgewater Beach Neighborhood Association (EBNA)
President Killian Walsh,
5231 N. Winthrop, 60640

Edgewater Glen Association (EGA)
President John Dal,
1415 W. Glenlake, 60660

Edgewater North Neighbors (ENN)
President Susan Fox,
6250 N. Magnolia, 60660

Edgewater Triangle Neighbors Association (ETNA)
President Keith Goad,
5776 N. Ridge, 60660

EPIC (Every Person Is Concerned) Block Club
1254 W. Elmdale, 60660

Lakewood Balmoral Residents Council (LBRC)
Co-President John Charmelo,
5223 N. Wayne, 60640

Margate Park Block Club
PC Gooden-Smiley
Teresa Frith (Founding President)
936 W. Margate

Neighbors of Edgewater West (NEW)
President Jane Lucius,
6067 N. Ridge, 60660

Neighbors on Elmedale and Thorndale (NET)
Secretary Anne Comeau,
156 W. Thorndale, 60660,

North Edgewater Beach Assocation (NEBA)
President James Ness Jr.,
6342 N. Sheridan, 60660

Northeast Organization of Neighbors (NEON)
President Roy Lipscomb,
1433 W. Thome, 60660

North Uptown Neighbors Association (NUNA)
President Jackie Denofrio,
4924 N. Magnolia, 60640

TAHBS Citizens Council (Thorndale Ardmore Hollywood, Broadway, Sheridan)
President Reginald (Reggie) Griffin,
1020 W. Ardome, 60660

Thorndale Action Task Force

West Andersonville Neighbors Together (WANT)
President Debby Pope,
1650 W. Foster, 60640

West Edgewater Area Residents (WEAR)
President Lisa Hand,
1655 W. Hollywood, 60660

Winona Foster Carmen Winneman Block Club
President Randy Heiti,
1441 W. Winnemac, 60640