Broadway Community Vision

Throughout Spring 2022, the 48th Ward Office will be holding Broadway Visioning Meetings for the future of the Broadway corridor between Ainslie Street and Devon Avenue. This will be a three-part proactive community planning process where we will work together to consider opportunities for affordable housing, economic development, roadway, sidewalks, bike lanes, public art, placemaking, environmental sustainability and transit. Your participation is needed for this iterative process of input and feedback, which will be used to guide future corridor projects. 

In December, Alderman Osterman announced a new 100% affordable development for 5853 N. Broadway, which will be developed by Bickerdike. Bickerdike is currently working with the 48th Ward and the City of Chicago on a negotiated sale process that will lead to 90+ units, which will all be affordable. Discussions about this development will be included in the Broadway Visioning process.  

48th Ward Update – Broadway Community Vision

June 16th, 2022

Dear 48th Ward Community,

Broadway in Edgewater and Uptown is our main street and in the midst of a transformation spurred on by new investments to upgrade the corridor for the 21st Century, including the CTA RPM project. Over the last few months, my office has conducted a community visioning process recognizing that the time is now to proactively and collaboratively develop a new vision for the future of the Broadway corridor. Over 1,000 neighbors participated in this process which concluded with our final meeting last night. Our informed and engaged community has provided critical input and feedback in developing the guiding principles outlined in this Vision document.

A unified priority from community residents is to improve pedestrian safety along Broadway and slow down automobile traffic. 

Last night, we outlined the Broadway community vision in a Vision statement and document (attached here). This is a shared vision for the Broadway corridor in the 48th Ward. As part of this vision, I am committing $1 million towards infrastructure improvements targeted to the Broadway corridor. The highlights of this visioning plan include the following priorities and near-term improvements:

– Pedestrian islands at Norwood and Rosemont Avenues and the potential of pedestrian islands at Rosedale and Hood Street on Broadway
– The proposed extension of the roadway plan on Broadway that exists from Lawrence to Foster through to Bryn Mawr Avenue
– Increased public art, benches, people spots, and plazas along Broadway
– The proposed reduction of the speed limit on Broadway to 20 miles an hour to improve pedestrian safety
– Continued effort to develop the 90+ unit affordable housing building at 5853 N Broadway
– Planning and construction of a new indoor community pool at Broadway and Thorndale next to the Broadway Armory

All of the topics in this Vision are interconnected. Vibrant, walkable public spaces support local businesses and promote community safety. Increasing density means more people are using the corridor and supporting local businesses. Adding or enhancing green space makes the public space more inviting, bringing more pedestrians to the corridor, helps manage stormwater and adds shade and habitat for birds and pollinators. Supporting adaptive reuse of buildings and facades can lead to interesting design solutions, which bolsters neighborhood character and supports historic preservation. 

Further, our climate is changing and locally, we have a responsibility to act. Balancing the roadway to make it safe for all users and encouraging greener, cleaner modes of transportation like walking, biking and utilizing public transportation can help mitigate climate change. We must do more. Enhancing the tree canopy, capitalizing on opportunities for adaptive reuse of buildings, and enhancing sustainable landscape design through native plantings and stormwater features will also support climate change mitigation. 

The vision is a guide meant to create expectations and define priorities. Therefore, the vision unifies and inspires new investments that, together, add up to a re-envisioned, modernized main street, updated for the 21st Century.  Achieving the Vision is no small task. Some of the priorities outlined in the vision can be achieved quickly while others will take more planning and your engagement. Many of you provided input that shaped this Vision and our work together is ongoing. This will be a living, breathing document that will continue to be informed by your thoughts and feedback. I appreciate your continued input and will keep you involved in the future improvements and developments along Broadway.

Please join me in making this vision a reality.


Alderman Harry Osterman
48th Ward
Read the Visioning Statement